What I'm Reading About today....

Obama has Housing PlansPaul Krugman says be SKEPTICAL of the new ideas regarding Troubled Assets (mortgages)!!


 I read this about house prices, and didn't get it...

until I watched the video and looked up ROFLOL (Rolling on the Floor Laughing Out Loud).

House prices, in some areas, still have quite a ways to DROP.Housing Bills Are Coming!


Have you looked at the New Housing Bills that will be debated later this week?

Here's a pretty good consolidation of the Bills... We should be watching these.


And that's what I'm reading today, besides the weather forecast!... It's suppose to S-N-O-W here tomorrow!  HotDawg!


Comment balloon 8 commentsEleanor Thorne • January 19 2009 03:18PM
What I'm Reading About today…
Paul Krugman says be SKEPTICAL of the new ideas regarding Troubled Assets (mortgages)!! I read this about house prices and didn't get it.. until I watched the video and looked up ROFLOL (Rolling on the Floor Laughing Out… more
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