Did I Just Add You As An Associate?

North Carolina MountainsIf you are in NC, chances are, I just added you as an Associate.  I"ve been thinkin' about this for a while...

When you are FEATURED, you get more exposure, so I wanted to create a way for the good folks in NC to get FEATURED!

Once a week I will do a NC Week In Review The first one will be next Monday, December 15th.

I'm just going to highlight the best blog posts I can find from NC, on a variety of topics.  My goal is to also find some new folks, who might not get what AR is all about, and kind of help them along!

We have MANY counties where no one has ever posted more than how to find them on Facebook!  Ouch! North Carolina Beaches ROCK!And that can't be good for ANYONE!

The only way to see who posted items during a given week, from within the STATE, is to add everyone as an Associate!  Sooooo... I've been busy adding you!  I haven't finished yet, but I've gone all the way through Mecklenburg County, so if you are reading this, and you haven't been added by me as an Associate... please let me know!

So all ya'll put your thinkin' caps on!  Let's get some posts done on WHERE THE BEST CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ARE (in Cary they are around Coronado Lake, I'm just a lousy photographer!)!  I don't really care WHAT you write about, I just want to encourage the really good work that's being done here, and to give the "newbies" a place they can find examples of what they should be doing!

Hey! I'm excited about this!  Once the AR Gods fix it so that you can "search" by States, I'll be looking for helpers!  To join the Group, please click here!

Comment balloon 11 commentsEleanor Thorne • December 09 2008 03:43PM
Did I Just Add You As An Associate?
If you are in NC, chances are, I just added you as an Associate. I"ve been thinkin' about this for a while… When you are FEATURED, you get more exposure, so I wanted to create a way for the good folks in NC to get FEATURED! Once… more
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