Test Your Stengths

As you might know, I am in a unique situation, as my husband is my business partner.  If you've ever been part of a sales team, you know that different folks on the team have their strengths, and thereby their "role" on the team. 

In a conversation with Brad Andersohn yesterday, I was pleased to find that we share a similar business development strategy: "It's Karma, if I help you grow your business, you will help me grow mine!"

With this in mind, several years ago I DEVELOPED A TEST that gives me insight about the person I'm talking to, and gives them insight as to "HOW" Steve and I work together as an originations team.

I've literally asked hundreds of people these questions, and I thought it would be fun for the people here to take the test!


Okay - So the premise is this...  I believe that each sale can be broken down into 4 parts. Since it amuses me to think of us as "Horse Traders" let's look at the sale from that perspective.  If we were selling a horse, the first part would be:

1.  Getting the word out that we have a horse to sell. Advertising, cold calling, marketing

2.  The second part is when the phone rings...  Convincing someone (selling them) to purchase our horse, instead of Fred's horse down the road. (Choose ME as your agent!  Choose ME!)

3.  The third part is the PROCESS until we get the money.  Even with horses you don't just hand someone the money - you have blankets to gather, vets that need to take a look at it, paperwork that needs to be signed.  Alot of time - NOT SELLING - is spent in this part of the sales business... it's a double edged sword, the "Devil's In The Details!"

4.  After we've shipped the horse off to the new owner and have our money - we want to stay in contact with them to remind them we're in the horse trading business.  Afterall - most sales people (and horse traders) would rather rely on word of mouth than having to spend money on advertising or cold calling.

Now - rank you're favorite parts of the sale from 1 to 4.  I can tell you that most people say 2,3,4,1

Steve, my husband, takes care of numbers 2 and 3 in our business.  I'm a unique "bird" (notice I didn't say OLD!) in that I like number 1 and 4... which is probably why I like mentoring and "pushing" others to develop the natural successes we each posses.

Tell ya' what.  If you'll tell me what your rank is - I'll tell you what "tricks" I've learned that will help you grow your business (besides using an Award Winning Mortgage Origination Team!)

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