Mortgage Pro Week In Review - 2/18/08 through 2/23/08

I was honored when Jeff Belonger asked me to write this review. 

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: I don't know who said it - but I remember reading somewhere that "you'll be surprised at the number of posts to read through!'  And it's true.  We write a TON of good stuff... but frankly sitting here as the Monday Morning Coach - I gotta tell you guys - I was SHOCKED at how many people are just cutting and pasting CRAP without even TRYING to analyze the information!  I counted 8 JAPENESE CANDLESTICK CHARTS!  Okay - so you pay for it - but come on!

ANOTHER INTERESTING NOTE(yes, I'm going to highlight the posts - just give me one more minute):  I'm not including my own posts.  Having just read some REALLY good stuff - I have to admit that while I wrote one fairly good post - it's more like a mini-series piece.  REAAALLLLY long posts are not nearly as well received, and as one friend reminded me, "Have you seen the movie, A River Runs Through It? The father sends the son back to his desk again and again after reading an essay. He suggests each time "fewer words." ...or something to that effect."  Great advice - hope when Sarah does it next week she'll find something I've written that IS worthy!

So... the envelope please!  This week's winners are:

  Janet Guilbault wrote 5 GREAT posts - and helped a borrower get featured on Good Morning America!  How great is that?!?


mike Mike Mueller  had 2 great posts (relating to mortgages).  I especially liked "You Can't Fix Stupid"  (I mean LTV)  If you are not subscribing to both of these folks - you should be.

tim Tim Bradford advertises HUD owned property and reminded me of a program through HUD that I'd forgotten about!  Who does the Good Neighbor Program???


florida Matthew Blum wrote a Great piece on Hard Money Loans... and reminded us that Baseball season is starting in South Florida.

ron Ron Withers wrote a featured post on what we should be doing for our clients... I really like the way he writes.

joey Joey Aszterbaum wrote a really good post about ARMs - and why they might be good choice right now - despite all the bad press!

sam Sam Thompson, from my neck of the woods, is a great writer that I subscribe to.  He wrote A SPECTACULAR PIECE about purchasing homes vs stocks.  I strongly recommend reading this and sharing it!

ken Ken Cook writes a daily/weekly market update that is not canned and very good.  He also wrote about one of the best parts of AR... EDUCATION!

esku Esko Kiuru wrote about the NEW REDLINING - frankly I hadn't looked at it from this point of view.

ed My friend, Ed Nailor, wrote about Underwriting Guidelinesand why they're getting tighter.  Apparently it's not that all the underwriter's are caggy old people who are stuck in the basement like I thought!

z Zach Dahl with 8646 points is back to blogging on AR.  Not sure where he's getting his quotes from, but if he keeps it up it looks like he might get some business from Internet blogging!  (Which is afterall the goal!)

jeff Jeff Belonger frankly wrote some of the best pieces I read.  He's the master at breaking it down into bite size pieces - something I hope to do a better job of.  You should just read all of his posts frankly - but I especially liked the 3rd installment of the Mortgage Process.

ct Cynthia Tilghman an AGENT wrote the best piece I saw about Vets.  As a lender - I should have known this!


Thanks again to Jeff Belonger for the opportunity to write this week's review.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning the things that I learned while preparing this post.


The next 2 members : 

•1.      Sarah Eubanks      02/25/2008    through    03/02/2008

•2.      Ed Rybczynski       03/03/2008    through    03/09/2008

•3.      Larry Bettag          03/10/2008    through    03/16/2008



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Mortgage Pro Week In Review - 2/18/08 through 2/23/08
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