REBar Camp RDU - The BEST One EVER!


We really appreciated all of the help from our ActiveRain Family!  Debe Maxwell, Margaret Woda, Pat Kennedy, Penny Hull, David Patterson  and I all lead sessions!  One of my favorite sessions was with Craig Rutman, Penny, Amy Hahn, Pamela St. Peter, Tracy Santrock and David Patterson discussing their various strategies and what is working for them!  It was an awesome day! 8o))



REBar Camp RDU - The BEST One EVER!

As a member of the planning committee for the REBarCampCLT right here in Charlotte, I am always interested in seeing what others do with their camps to help make ours better each year.  This year, REBCRDU pulled out all of the stops for the BEST Bar Camp I've ever attended--including our own!

Eleanor Thorne, Carol Smith, Debe Maxwell, Pam St. Peter

Traditionally, Bar Camps have always followed the format of having attendees pitch topics on which they possess a great deal of knowledge.   Then, other attendees 'vote' for the topics that they are most interested.  The highest number of 'vote getters' have their topics placed on the agenda for the day and break-out sessions begin in various rooms in the facility.  This format is generally more popular with the techy folks but, as more and more participants with a lesser level of 'tech' knowledge attend these functions, they tend to find this format a bit chaotic.  As well, some who pitch a presentation may not be the best person to present--some have also been known to use this opportunity to 'pitch their wares,' which does not go over well at all!  Perhaps that's why I love RDU's method.  


Last year, the fantastic planning committee at #rebcrdu polled the attendees beforehand and then carefully sought out those who best fit the thought leader position for each topic that was requested.  Last year's camp ran like a top!  More sessions were able to be covered because all of the 'planning' was covered BEFORE the day began and attendees were able to enjoy a fabulous keynote speaker, @David Patterson3, who got us all geared up for the day.

Well, this year, the committee and one of the amazing sponsors, Brad Carroll from Dakno, one-upped themselves!  They polled the attendees, procured their speakers/thought leaders, THEN used texting (cell texting) to determine the room size needed for each presentation.  They no longer had to worry about 100 attendees trying to crowd around a boardroom table for a single presentation and I must say, it ran incredibly smoothly.  Brad Carroll, you're a genius!

Voting by text messaging

As always, there were topics that I could not get to because they conflicted with others that I wanted to hear or speakers that I wanted to support--namely Margaret Woda and Pat Kennedy!  These fellow Rainers followed my Blogging 101 class with a superb Blogging 102--or Niche Marketing for Bloggers class.  They generated great discussion and did a wonderful job--and they drove all the way from the MD/DC area to participate!  Thank you for being so generous ladies--you both ROCK!

Margaret Woda, Pat Kennedy, Debe, Pam St. Peter, Carol Smith

Awesome door prizes, the Twitter Queen, @MayaREGuru, as the keynote speaker, great classes, a supremely organized lunch distribution and a great time was had by all!  You Raleigh/Durham/Cary REBarCamp planners are totally amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did to put on this event.  I know the work that it takes to put on one of these and the organization here was second to none.  GREAT JOB!  Many of us are already looking forward to next year!

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