Wake County NC School Board Has Options Find Out More 8/29/09

It's interesting that one of my very first posts on AR was about the Wake County Board of Education, in 2007... This fall there are FOUR seats up for re-Election.  I know that many families are HAPPY with year round schools, and I think there should be a CHOICE... but I'm not sure I agree with spending all of the gas our system does (which is not good for the ecology, the economy OR THE KIDS).

I received the following this morning in my email - and I urge you to consider going to one of these events so that you can ask questions, and make an informed decision.

The October 6 Board of Education elections are fast approaching.

Please add the following event to your calendar.

This Saturday, August 29 from 7:30 - 10 at Rudino's Sport's Deck,

Cornerstone Village, Cary

hear the issues and ask question from Ron Margiotta, District 8 Board of Education Representative.

Meet District 9 candidate Debra Goldman and hear her vision.

Many of you like the work Ron has been doing. And many of you pleaded with the overall board and were ignored. The complete composition of the board directly affects our childrens' future. Four seats are open on the board this year. Its a golden opportunity. Deeply consider if you think the status quo has served us well or if we need change.

Wake Schools Community Alliance (WSCA) thinks we need change and are backing candidates who are committed to education as a first priority. Please come and hear Ron and Debra tell you why they think so too.

Information exchange is critical in this election and your vote is extremely important. However many voters are unaware of the October 6 election.

Funds are needed to spread the word. If you like what you hear, we hope you'll be prepared to support the candidates. Even $10 helps to buy rubber bands to hang mailers on doorknobs! Thank you!

For information: (919) 460-5808; Special Guests: Debra Goldman-D9 & Ron Margiotta-D8 (8:15-9:30pm)

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Wake County NC School Board Has Options Find Out More 8/29/09
It's interesting that one of my very first posts on AR was about the Wake County Board of Education in 2007… This fall there are FOUR seats up for re-Election. I know that many families are HAPPY with year round schools, and I think there… more
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