"Excuse-itis" What's Your Favorite Flavor?

Your Attitude is Your ChoiceWe made calls yesterday to Real Estate Offices, and New Construction Subdivisions... and we got "Excuse-itis" everytime we got out of the car!  These places were all within 10 square miles of each other - so you would think the "health" of Real Estate in that little area would be relatively the same! 

At one stop, the Agents were B-U-S-Y!  I mean they were so busy no one has time to learn about using FaceBook to connect with past customers!  So busy no one has time to consider joining discussions on the hyper-local forums in thier office!  These folks were B-U-S-Y!... and a couple of them admitted they felt they are a little "old" for that type of stuff, "I mean REALLY?"

At another stop, the Realtors didn't have customers who "fooled" with all of that internet stuff.  Apparently people in that particular county don't look for information on the Internet (although we get calls from folks daily in THAT area looking for houses, and USDA Home Loans?).  These REALTORS don't really need to "Connect" to customer using a computer!... "I mean, isn't that what the phone's for? Just pick up the phone!"

The New Home Builders we went to see were FURIOUS that there wasn't going to be a BOOK for the Parade of Homes!  I mean there's going to be over 100,000 MAPS distributedExcuse-itis is an easy game to play! with detailed info, and website info, an ONLINE campaign on STEROIDS - but saddly since there is no plan for a BOOK, they don't think people will be able to find the houses... they don't want to participate!

It all started me thinking about MY attitude!  What excuses are holding me back?  Too Old, Not enough Education (about whatever subject), Not enough Experience, Bad Hair Day, Car's Dirty, I don't have anything to handout...

Excuse-itis is an EASY Game to Play!

Personally - I think folks are "Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired," and I think the best remedy is to STOP making Excuses!  Good Habits can be developed! If you envision the life you want to live, you can HAVE IT - if you change your HABITS and stop making excuses!

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