Old School Advice on Getting The Attention You Deserve

This is really good for people who are just kinda' starting out and want to get more people to notice their hard work! I really like the Bad Example and the Good Example of "Friends Don't Let Friends Pay 6%"

Old School Real Estate Many of us have “Old School” advice drilled into us from Real Estate Agents of “yesterday” who “ALWAYS” did something besides blogging and tweeting and updating to get business. Personally, it’s easy for my eyes to glaze over when that conversation starts. BUT, there’s some WISDOM in those “Old School” suggestions when it comes to writing Headlines for your posts and updates!

Here’s something you might not know… your news updates and Listings will appear in someones email (because it gets forwarded or they subscribe to it), in an RSS Feed Reader on someones phone or laptop, Social Bookmarking Sites, Social Networks including ActiveRain, Facebook, and Twitter, Search Engines (Google, Google and Goolge)… weather you want them to or not!

And when they do, you are competing to be noticed.

Just like in the old days, when your Broker-In-Charge was explaining how to write a good “Reader Ad” for the newspaper, today’s Real Estate Agents must think about their Headline… because a poor headline will render your article or Listing invisible.

Here are some easy rules, that work in “traditional newsprint” (like Magazines) and they work on the Internet too:

Old School Rule Number 1: It’s important to use Emotion in Your Headline- Make your audience feel something they can relate to.This holds true with online writing too. You can use “Extreme Words” like: best, most, never, crucial, perfect or you could use purely “Emotional Words” like: scary, sad, mean, fun. Other Emotion evoking words include “Playful Words” like: secret, hidden, unknown, forgotten, exciting. There are also those Emotion Words that remind me of what a magazine in the Grocery Store Aisle might have in a headline like: holidays, celebrities, well knowns, news items, buzz words… Either way, the idea is to use something attention grabbing!

Bad Headline Example: Interest Rates Are Unpredictable

Good Headline Example: The 4 Crucial Reasons You Don’t Want To Wait On Interest Rates

How about this one? Are Your Maggie Valley Pumpkins Wet Or Are You Just Happy To See Me? You’d click on that right?

Old School Rule Number 2: Another Call To Action – What am I going to take away from this article? Don’t hide it in the body! Improve on something Teach something Overcome something Uncover something – Just offer something

Bad Headline Example: The Real Estate Loan Broken Down

Good Headline Example: 5 Simple Solutions To Getting Organized For A Real Estate Loan

Old School Rule Number 3: Description - Lay it all out there. Tell the whole story in a sentence that avoids confusion with description Avoid assumptions; your audience shouldn’t have to guess what your writing about! What is “4 Plus a Door!”??? Remember that you are NOT writing a READER AD! You have Waaay more space than those stingy little space MLS gives you! Describe the AREA!

Bad Headline Example: Today’s Real Estate Transaction Is Not That Difficult

Good Headline Example: Exactly Why Buying a Home Is Easier Than Getting A Tattoo.

Okay, so enough with the Old School Rules. Here are some terms that you are hearing about in the “Real World” of online marketing. One of the most important terms to understand (especially with Headlines) involves “Keywords.” I call them “Buying Words.” For instance, when a potential buyer (or seller) sits in front of the “Google Bar” what words are they typing in to find YOUR information? I don’t know very many people who are considering a move from California to Dallas who are sitting at their computer saying… “Honey, let’s find that Josh Harley fella’. I have an idea he’s going to be the right agent for us!” No – they are typing in words like Dallas Homes For Sale, or Moving to Dallas.

Here's What New School Looks Like!So make sure you are being found for keyword terms that match where you want to be found. Work those keywords into your titles. Do people in your area REALLY search by the term REAL ESTATE? Or do they search by Homes or Houses for sale?

Some experts believe that the Title is the most “weighted element” in your posts’ search engine success… but Search Engines, being computers, aren’t going to give you credit for keywords, unless you include them.

Bad Headline Example: Friends Don’t Let Friends Pay 6%

Good Headline Example: Friends Don’t Let Friends Pay 6% In Real Estate Commissions

Remember that the online environment in which your headlines appear, and the impatience with which they are glanced, demands that you grab your audience by the collar and force them to notice you. Otherwise, something else will get their attention, and you lose… so, make your headlines look like headlines that are important, but not obnoxious. Avoid using all CAPS and avoid writing in lower case. Think magazine headlines: They Look Like This.

If you have questions about your blog, or how to get your Listing seen by more eyeballs – call Josh Harley, Fathom Realty, 214-228-0301. I”d love to help you, and learn more about what’s working in your market! Are you on Facebook and Twitter? Let’s Connect!

Author- Josh Harley :: Broker/CEO :: Fathom Realty :: 972-562-0896 office

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Josh Harley is a gadget/techno geek with a passion for creating new ways to improve his brokerage, Fathom Realty, by leveraging technology, social media and good old-fashioned sweat and hard work. He has an extensive background in Internet lead generation, lead management and lead conversion. This has led him to build a new real estate brokerage with a focus on technology and lead generation while redefining the role of a brokerage in this new era of real estate. Josh writes the real estate technology blog Fathom Cafe with a focus on teaching REALTORS how to utilize technology to increase their bottom line while working more efficiently.

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On a very snowy night in Connecticut, reading this post was very enlightening.  I do have to spend more time working on this with my posts. 

Happy New Year!

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