Is Your Brokerage Keeping Up With Social Media?


Todd Carpenter sent an update out today about REBarCamps.  It made me think about how many I've been to... and how few BICs Ive seen at them!  Mortgage Leaders and Real Estate Leaders who are NOT connected and don't get it are going to be left further and further behind in 2011.  That's my Prediction!


Social Media Can Make You MoneyReal Estate Brokerage Giants are teaching classes, opening their databases up for solicitations from Social Media companies and insisting that agents get “up to date” on the latest and greatest Social Networking Trends… but are “THEY walking the walk?”

What I’m getting at is this

At LEAST 80% of all  Large Real Estate Offices in the Country have a BIC that doesn’t understand Twitter or SEO or Blogging or Klout

I saw an article yesterday on Real Estate Predictions for 2011.  In it 20 agents or so were asked for Their Predictions, Their Wish List and Their Resolve.  One agent with a big brand national firm had this as a resolve:

2011 Resolution… work for a brokerage that uses all that is currently available to improve the odds of doing business successfully

WOW!  This person works for a company that has over 170.6 BILLION in sales! The problem, in my view, is not that the COMPANY doesn’t have a Social Media Strategy… they’ve paid people to develop one.It’s that the LEADERSHIP of the Real Estate office and the COMPANY doesn’t understand HOW Social Media, Social Marketing, Social Networking WORKS. I’ve had agents tell me that they asked their BIC to go to RainCamps, REBarCamps, Inman Reboot and RE Tech South events with them this year, and the BIC refused!  “Well,” I asked, “was it because the BIC was just slammed?” NO!  It was because the BIC thought it would be a waste of their time… that so much of what was going to be discussed would be OVER THEIR HEAD.

It’s not that the discussion at the event is going to be over the BICs head – it’s that it’s not relevant to them. They aren’t IN the Real Estate Social Media Discussion… they aren’t USING social media to build their brand… they simply don’t get it.

“In the past, a real estate agent could succeed through a single, focused strategy such as geographic farming. Today, it requires highly targeted marketing across multiple channels and from multiple sources; social networking; a dynamic website with relevant real-time information with a user-focus; search engine optimization so your dynamic website can actually be found; mobile strategies to meet today’s digital consumers needs — the list goes on and on.”

“The return on investment for social media is that you will still be in business in five years. Any drawbacks to social media are completely trumped by that fact.”

You see many of the Real Estate AGENTs at the big brand company get this… and the guys paid to do the marketing for the company understand it – but the LEADERSHIP is still “living” in 1999.

If you do Social Networking the RIGHT way… it creates leads.  Lots and Lots of leads. Real Estate Agents in 2011 are going to be looking for, and ultimately WORKING for those brokerages and Leaders who get it.  They are going to work for folks who will be your Friend on Facebook, Help you build interaction on your FB Business PageComment on your blog postsfrom their Droid, give you real life tips for Lead Conversion and help you build your Klout on Twitter.

The successful BIC and Real Estate Company Leader of 2011 is already IN the conversation and creating leads.

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Josh Harley is a gadget/techno geek with a passion for creating new ways to improve his brokerage, Fathom Realty, by leveraging technology, social media and good old-fashioned sweat and hard work. He has an extensive background in Internet lead generation, lead management and lead conversion. This has led him to build a new real estate brokerage with a focus on technology and lead generation while redefining the role of a brokerage in this new era of real estate. Josh writes the real estate technology blog Fathom Cafe with a focus on teaching REALTORS how to utilize technology to increase their bottom line while working more efficiently.

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Sometimes I think I'm up on things, and then I read another of your posts.  I never even heard of Klout! 

Mike (in the dark ages) in Tucson  :)

Posted by Mike Jones, Mike Jones NMLS 223495 (SUNSTREET MORTGAGE, LLC (BK-0907366, NMLS 145171) ) about 9 years ago

Our brokerage is doing a decent job, but not a well as some of the agents.  Klout scores... interesting concept and one that we pay attention to, but not that much! :)

Posted by Peggy Lyn Speicher, Co-Founder & REALTOR® (The Speicher Group) about 9 years ago

Eleanor, I learn more from your posts!  Trying to keep up with it all.  My computer crashed and now I am trying to play catch up!  Happy New Year!

Posted by Frances C. Rokicki, Broker-Mentor,CRS (Fran Rokicki Realty, LLC) about 9 years ago

Eleanor~I like the part about using highly target approaches using multiple channels, it's a new game with better tools too engage, thanks.

Posted by Adrian Willanger, Profit from my two decades of experience (206 909-7536 about 9 years ago